Sheila Lopez, CMT
direct contact:  (415) 497-2914

You will enjoy caring attention given by our
certified massage therapists.  Our massages are
steeped in the Swedish Esalen tradition, combining
various techniques, integrating our individual
therapists' skills, with an intuitive approach to our
clients' needs.

We offer:

Deep Swedish/Swedish Esalen Massage, combined
with Energy Work, Aromatherapy, Pre and
We invite you into our warm Healing Center for a respite from
your busy life.  

Wellspring is the perfect place to come for a relaxing,
rejuvenating session.  Let yourself be held and deeply relax
into your body ...

Wellspring's Reservation and Cancellation Policy
for Group Massage Appointments:

Reservations for groups of four or more require a 50% deposit at the time the
reservation is made. Balances are due when services are rendered. Deposits are
refundable if cancellation is made more than 72 hours prior to appointment.

Booking a group massage within 24 hours of appointment requires a 50%
nonrefundable deposit by 10 am of the day of appointment.

24 hour notice of cancellation is required.
Cash and Personal Checks only.

*On site/out calls are an additional $25 per massage.

Massage appointments are available 7 days per week, including most
Walk-ins are welcome.

Sheila Lopez, CMT   
(415) 497-2914 direct contact

Sheila Lopez comes to massage work from a background in
Dance and Yoga.  Sheila's massage studies began in 1985
when she spent a two year private apprenticeship with an
innovative and ground breaking master, focusing on yogic
based deep tissue bodywork.  She completed her
certification requirements at Harbin Hot Springs.  Massage
and bodywork have been an integral part of her
dance/theatre teaching work since 1993 with the outcome
of inspiring many young people to pursue a career in
bodywork.  A massage with Sheila is designed to relax,
release and restore balance.  She employs Swedish , Deep
tissue, Stretch and Polarity in this excellent yogic based
"Sheila Lopez provided superior
service and skill in a 90 minute
massage.  One of the top three
massages I have ever had.  Highly
recommend Sheila's service if you
visit Stinson Beach, CA."

          Jane L.

"Sheila Lopez was awesome - very
caring and kind.  Both my husband
and I had a 90 min massage while
on our honeymoon.  It was so
relaxing and soothing after all the
stresses that come along with a
wedding.  A great way to release
and let go.  Would highly
recommend.  Thank you Sheila for
taking good care of us!"


"Amazingly recuperative,
transformative massage by Sheilas!  I
get a massage once, sometimes
twice, a week in SF and I'm so happy
to find and even better massage by
Sheila in Stinson Beach.  Reasonable
pricing and calm, wonderful
environment with only the sounds
of the birds outside.   My shoulder
pain is free today after walking
about with shoulder pain for 6
weeks.  I was so happy with Sheila's
massage that our daughter had a
massage too the next day before we
left the beach.  Thanks Sheilas!  We
will be back!"

Courtesy of Sheila Lopez
Courtesy of Cenize Rodriguez
Courtesy of Sheila Lopez
Sheila Lopez, CMT

1HR           $100
1.25HR      $120
1.5HR        $140
2HR           $200